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About Us

We are a father and son team who are both committed to delivering the best, most reliable and comprehensive void form systems that we possibly can.  We also have a team of committed men and women working in our production facility who do an excellent job fulfilling orders with great care and accuracy.  We don't compare ourselves to the other guys.  We don't call them competition because we aren't competing with them.  The other guys sell their paper voids and flimsy plastic retainers as commodity products, but they end up being more of a liability, especially for the contractor.  We're not interested in being the cheapest option, but our Christian convictions don't allow us to gouge our fellow man either.  We are loathe to get involved in risky work.  In fact, we typically don't even consider working on a project unless we have reviewed structural and/or plumbing project drawings.  We perform engineeing on each project we encounter and if we don't have 100% confidence that our void systems will be appropriate, we refuse involvement in the project.  We know what we're doing.  We are professionals.  We are driven by the success that we bring to our customers and clients, by the fact that we can help them do their jobs more effectively and with less liability.  Because of this, we have enjoyed a stellar performance record and our customers keep coming back to us.

Larry W. Primm

SuperVoid Inventor and Founder

Larry's Bio:

• Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, class of 1977

• Over 50 years experience in the construction industry

• Happily married since 1974 and father of 3 successful sons

• Small business owner for over 40 years

• U.S. Patent holder

I'm Larry Primm and I’ve been in the construction industry for over 50 years.  I spent many of those years in general contracting and have worked at every level from laborer to upper level management.  But, my real passion is concrete, the handsome gray medium that takes the shape of anything you put it in.  It’s strong and forgiving and is arguably more the fabric of our lives than cotton is.

I invented SuperVoid to fill a need that was otherwise being ignored by the concrete industry.  In 1999, while managing the construction of a school in Corpus Christi, Texas, I became acquainted with the cardboard void products available at that time.  I was appalled by the limitations beset by the paper materials and dismayed that no one had yet found a better way of creating void spaces under concrete.  I set out to find a better way.  After much prayer and experimentation and the passage of several years, I developed a working prototype.  I found a few people willing to take a chance on my cutting edge new void product and the successful projects verified the soundness of my design.  SuperVoid worked better than I could have imagined and continued to gain interest with additional projects following.  Each new project presented different requirements which I was able to modify SuperVoid to meet.  SuperVoid proved to be a remarkably versatile and forgiving product.  I even developed several void systems that isolate plumbing systems from expansive soils as well.

In November 2014, my son David came to work with me full time.  David is an Auburn University graduate and is a professional engineer currently licensed in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi.  Together we continue to refine the way we do business, making it better everyday.  In addition to improved SuperVoid manufacturing processes and proven engineering, we have developed Smart-VoidTM and Rib Retainer products to make SuperVoid Systems the most reliable and comprehensive void form manufacturer in the world.

I am committed to operating an honest business and long ago resolved that SuperVoid need not be sold, for it should sell itself.  I am, however, passionate about the paradigm shift in engineering and construction that has been afforded by the advent of SuperVoid Systems.  I simply love watching people experience SuperVoid for the first time, when they realize that SuperVoid changes everything and that the rain can't hold them hostage anymore.

I am inspired by the fact that the Lord gave me these ideas and am blessed to see the good they provide for my fellow man.  Since I was a child I’ve found wonder and amusement in building new things, in making old things better.  Invention is the fruit of wonder and the pursuit of invention is for me, a labor of love.  In the simplest of terms, one may consider me an Inventor.  However, understanding myself, I'd say more accurately, I'm an "Interpreter", and even more aptly, a "Developer" of the underlying visions of understanding within my spirit, clearly infused by the Spirit of the Living God!!

David S. Primm, P.E.

SuperVoid Chief Engineer

David's Bio: 

• Graduated from Auburn University in 2004 with degree in Civil Engineering

• 3 years experience as Sales Engineer with Contech Construction Products Inc.

• 7 years experience in various engineering roles at Alabama Department of Transportation

Licensed Professional Engineer in Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi

Chief Engineer at SuperVoid Systems since November 2014

Member of the National Society of Profesional Engineers

Happily married since March 2003 and father of two beautiful, bright children

I am proud to be the Chief Engineer at SuperVoid Systems because of the solutions we provide.  I am not a "bow-tied" engineer in command of abstractions and afraid to get my hands dirty.  I'm a muddy boots engineer and I'm as comfortable with a wrench or a cutting torch as I am with a calculator or a tablet computer.  In fact, it's because I can work with my hands that I have such a thorough understanding of construction.  I grew up on construction sites tagging along with my father, Larry W. Primm, who is also the SuperVoid founder.  I am an accomplished mechanic, metal fabricator and heavy equipment operator.  I fix most of my own problems whether it's a broken toilet, a fussy furnace or a squealing set of brakes.  It's just so hard to get what you pay for most of the time.  With overseas manufacturing and corporate streamlining, most transactions today leave me feeling cheated on both quality and service!  That is why sterling workmanship and excellent service are paramount to us.  As Chief Engineer at SuperVoid, I oversee the design, fabrication and maintenance of our specialized manufacturing equipment.  I do a lot of the work with my own hands to ensure that the work is done properly.  These credentials, skills and experience give me abilities which are unique to the construction industry and are at the disposal of SuperVoid clients and customers.